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When it comes to sunglasses, all that matters is your face cut, face size, and your skin tone. Because wrong sunglasses can make you look like the ugliest man alive on earth. So, depending on your face’s size you should choose which type of sunglasses to put on. Let us take a ride into the sunglasses’ world:

To find the best fit for your face, first of all, you need to measure your face size, and then you need to determine your face shape and then you need to choose a style.

Steps to measure your face shape:

  • Measure Cheekbone to Cheekbone
  • Measure the Jaw Line
  • Measure Face Length
  • Measure forehead width

Well, your face may be:

  • Round
  • Oval
  • Heart shaped
  • Square
  • Oblong

And, depending upon the above two factors you should choose your sunglasses. Let us have a look at their types:

The most used – AVIATORS

Tom Cruise and initially some pilots used to wear them and then they became trending. These Aviators are metal framed with a simple color the lenses are tear dropped. By putting them on in any weather: Summer or Winter, you look a handsome dude but the only condition is – wear them with proper attire.


The latest, trending and the type which comes in highest varieties is the SQUARE.  It suits the best on Oblong and Oval shaped faces. They protect your eyes from the hot scorching rays of the Sun.



The frame of Rectangle Sunglasses is wider than the height of sunglasses. If you have a short face, then you have the best pick! Oval faces are also benefited with softer edges.


Did you imagine Butterfly? You imagined it right. Butterfly sunglasses can vary in size and shape and generally, they are oversized. But it’s size gives you an advantage of protection from the UV radiations of the Sun.


It is in the Sunglasses market since the 1950s because it is classic and James Dean made them popular.


The round, Semi-Rimless, anti Ray-Ban Frame was silent for few years but it has regained its original popularity these days. Colonel Sanders and Malcolm X used to put them on and they would kill the audience by their decent look.

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People who want to look like athletes; these are the best you can use. The streamlined design increases the aerodynamic property of your face and gives you total protection from the Sun rays.


These are one of the best sunglasses who offer the best protection from the sun because it has a single lens. Not only it covers your eyes, but also the region near the forehead and ears as well. You must have seen your favorite sportsman wearing this protective shield on their face while they play. That is because of their protection quality.

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So, these were the different types. I hope you liked the article. Do leave a comment as your feedback.

So, get ready to look more handsome and smart in the best sunglasses!

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