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Teachers are meant for giving lesson. For that they prepare topics, subjects before delivering them to the students. They use audio and visual means for delivery of lessons. This results in better understanding of the students. They teach students from kindergarten to senior secondary schools. Jobs in teaching sector are flourishing at a faster rate. Especially jobs for English teacher are in great demand. There are a large number of public or private, international schools. You can also start working in colleges, but you need extra education to fit in the qualifications required for teaching in colleges. Every year thousands of teachers are recruited in the gulf region including Abu Dhabi.

Career prospects of a teacher

  • Graduates get to work in schools. They teach students different subjects depending upon the qualifications. For example, they can teach science, math, English etc.
  • If you have pursued master’s degree then you get the opportunity to work in colleges as professor.

Educational Qualifications

You need either a graduate degree or Master’s Degree or even higher in a relevant field. You are also required to have teaching certificate. In other words license from a recognized authority. Candidates with experience are given preference.


 Abu Dhabi offers an attractive salary package to the teachers. Salary offered is completely tax free. They can earn somewhere between 12,400-20,500 AED.

Looking for a job?

There are various ways via which you can get a job in Abu Dhabi. Some of the best ways are listed below:

  • Build your contacts- your contacts irrespective of old or new can help you in getting jobs. All you need to do is just inform them that you are looking for a job.
  • Networking- with the advancement of science and technology new platforms is coming into existence. Social networking sites like Facebook and Twitter is helping many candidates in getting jobs as per their qualifications. One of the major platforms is proving itself as a very effective source in securing a job in Abu Dhabi which is, LinkedIn.
  • Registering on job portals- there are various job portals which are helping a large number of candidates in getting jobs. Some of the leading job portals are Monstergulf, Indeed, Bayt, and many more. The method of getting jobs via job boards is very simple. Firstly you need to register on the job portal. Then upload your credentials like skills, educational qualification and experience in case you are an experienced professional. Then after that you can start your job search to get a job in Abu Dhabi.
  • Referrals- this is very effective method but to limited candidates. Known person refer your name to their current employers.

There are certain benefits of working in Abu Dhabi especially as a teacher. For example, accommodation and travelling allowances are covered by the government so they save more salary. Income tax free salary which in turn increases your savings in Abu Dhabi, you can also invest in the real estate sector to buy a home in the country which again offers a superb chance to do jobs in Abu Dhabi.

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