Apr 04

Points to consider during the stages of pregnancy

The first question that pops up in your mind is that what heartburn actually is? More than 50% of the pregnant women complain about heartburns. It is a condition in which a woman feels a burning or irritating sensation in her esophagus, which is probably due to the contents of the stomach that comes back from the stomach. The reason behind heartburn is the change in hormone levels which have an impact on the digestive tract and how the tract responds to different food items. One can look to methods which help avoid heartburns.

Thus, a woman should not aim at reducing heartburns, but reducing heartburns without causing any harm to the baby. There are many ways in which an expecting woman can avoid heartburns partly by changing her eating habits and schedules and partly by home remedies for heartburn while pregnant.  If you are a smoking or into alcohol, then it is a strict no during this stages of pregnancy and as far as possible limit your consumption of drinks that is rich in caffeine like tea or coffee.

One should switch to several small meals in a day and avoid eating lots of food in one go. Eating slowly by chewing properly also helps. Avoid fatty food, rich in oil etc. Avoid drinking water while eating, one two sip are enough, drinking too much may increase the risk of acid flux and heartburn. Avoid lying down just after eating. Walk a little and then take some rest. When you lie down, place three pillows under your head so that the stomach acid does not reach to your chest, which is not desirable. Wear clothes which do not apply pressure to your stomach, stick to lose kurtis, loose tee shirts and gowns. Avoid wearing jeans or pajamas with tight elastics. Although, constipation is also common at the time of pregnancy, try avoiding food which leads to constipation as these risks heartburns.

Cough is another problem faced by pregnant women; This cough is however the usual cough and cold we all experience. As coughing exerts pressure on the stomach, this becomes a problem for pregnant women. There are many home remedies for cough a woman can adopt during pregnancy to avoid problems.

Apart from these physical problems, there are other mental problems that a woman faces during pregnancy which also affects the baby in her womb. Anemia is also another problem which comes in front of us which causes weakness and tiredness. If we go into fine details, then there are infinite problems associated with a pregnant woman.

Thus, there are many problems a pregnant woman has to face which are actually normal. One should make sure that she consumes a healthy diet which is rich in all the required nutrients like calcium, potassium, proteins, iron etc. Also, avoid too much of spicy and oily food. Yoga and exercise are other aspects of pregnancy a woman should pay attention to when she is expecting.

There are many facts about pregnancy that many people don’t know which includes the following,

Nipple stimulation is a scientifically proven method of relieving labor pain. The longest pregnancy in a woman lasted for twelve months and ten days and there are more number of twins born in Central Africa than anywhere else on the globe.