Oct 25

Facts About Abnormal Pap Smear During The Tenure Of Pregnancy

As a woman of child bearing age you are asked to be part of Pap smear tests, when you touch around 21 years of age or within 3 years of becoming sexually active. Just be aware that pap tests cannot be termed as diagnostic tests, but any abnormal cells in the cervix are found. Now the question is Pap smear can detect pregnancy or not. The moment a women are faithful in getting Pap smear tests done early detection along with treatment of the disorder becomes easy. Any problem before it escalates into something big can be found out.

Can a pap smear determine pregnancy? The moment you are told that the Pap test results are abnormal there is a sense of panic and you tend to be confused. It does point to an infection or presence of abnormal cells referred to as dysplasia. At the same time it is important for you to understand that when you have abnormal cells it does not point to the incidence of cancer. What it means is that further round of testing may be called for in order to figure out a problem. An inflammation or infection as well as the presence of HPV virus may lead to an abnormal pap smear.

If the results are positive, it points to the occurrence of abnormal cells, termed as abnormal pap. Just be aware that it is a test and not a diagnosis in any way. Though the results are positive, it does not point to the chances of cancer. But it means that another round of evaluation and this could be colposcopy or an abnormal Pap smear test is needed. In the case of the former with the help of a microscope you look into the cervix. The possibility of a biopsy also occurs where a small amount of tissue is being removed from the cervix. Then the doctor is going to discuss the test results with the patient.

1 out of 10 tests may point to the occurrence of some form of abnormality, but in most cases it is not that serious. During the course of further test infection, inflammation or HPV is found out. The main cause of cervical cancer happens to be HPV. For women who go on to receive treatment for HPV the chances of developing cervical cancer are less.

The pap smears could also point to occurrence of an unsatisfactory sample and this could be due to recent sexual activity or relying more on the use of vaginal douches or creams. Whatever could be reason an abnormal pap smear might point to the need of another abnormal pap smear in the days to come.

Routine check ups post treatment are necessary to figure out whether all abnormal cells are gone and the cervix has gone on to heal. The key is early detection to reduce chances of cancer occurring. Once the treatment is over, women will be advised by their health care providers on how often they need to be part of a pap smear test again.