Dec 26

How to choose the right laptop according to your needs

Today most of us have smart phones and tablets. And they are great when it comes to lying on your bed and searching on the internet, chatting with friends. But when it comes to work, you must own a real computer. Technical Action Group Toronto will help you choose the right computer for you.

Tablets and smart phones are very good, but you cannot use them for work. But computers are not only used for work. If you want to download and watch a good movie, you will need a computer. Compared to tablets and smart phones, computers are better when it comes to multitasking. It has a real keyboard and if you use it for writing it will give better results. For one reason or another, everyone needs a computer.

There are computers with different sizes, shapes, performances, prices. And the price depends from the performance of course. How can you choose the right computer for you? Well, the key thing you need to establish is your needs.


Pick the right size. It is very important to establish the right size for you. There are computers with:

• 11 – 12 inches
• 13 – 14 inches
• 15 inches
• 17 – 18 inches

Check the performances of the computer before you buy it. This is something you must to. If you are not very good at these things, ask for a help from a computer expert how knows what these performances mean. It is always a good option to choose a computer with the latest generation of processor because they have better performances and save a lot of energy.

How important is battery to you? If you want to take the laptop from one place to another pay attention to the performance of the battery. Order a laptop with powerful battery. But if you use the laptop for work, then you probably won’t mind this.

Check the keyboard and the touchpad. Lots of people find it very difficult to work using certain types of keyboards. Make sure you are comfortable using the keyboard and the touchpad before you purchase the device. If you plan on working during night, it is recommended to buy a keyboard with a back light.

Once you decide this, it is important to purchase the computer from a good retailer that offers support for the computer. Lots of retailers and sales persons in order to offer lower prices forget about the importance of the support. Why would you need this? What if your computer breaks down after one month of using it? You need to make sure that the store offers full service to maintain your computer and fix it in case it breaks down. This is why you shouldn’t immediately purchase the computer from a store that offers lower prices. Low prices are not always the better solution. There are other important things you need to consider. Sometimes it is better to pay bigger price and have a guarantee that there will always be someone to maintain your computer.