May 02

Catering Your Special Event

Whether you’re planning a luncheon that doubles as a business meeting or a formal event for all your staff, catering for work events can be a little bit stressful if it’s your first time doing it. Though there are many options out there, finding the right food for the right event, as well as finding something at the right price point is both difficult and integral to everything going as planned. When you plan a catering event for your staff, you must know their dietary restrictions and adhere to them with conviction. Just consider the seriousness of peanut and other foodborne allergies. Some of these can be lethal enough that they require a person to carry around an Epi-pen just in case. Likewise, we are seeing an increasing number of people who have Celiac disease and require Gluten free foods. If you don’t plan in advance this can be a difficult thing to accommodate at the last minute. Lastly, you might have people of certain ethnicities and religious backgrounds that require vegetarian or kosher meals.

Your first order of business when planning a catering event should be to get down everyone who is invited dietary restrictions and preferences. Though the preferences may not be as important, it is incredibly important to make sure that you do not hurt those invited to your event by not planning beforehand. If this is for a work staff, it’s a smart decision to get everyone’s dietary restrictions at the first catering event at least, and keep it on hand for any other catering events that may happen on the job. Even if you do not take down everyone’s orders, it is important to give someone forewarning about nuts and meat, as these can make people sick, and send many people into emergency room because of a bad reaction to the food. This means that the bill could be on you, since you chose the food and did not label or put out warnings. Any money you saved could be eaten up in lawsuits and medical bills, which defeats the purpose of getting a good deal.


Next, you’ll want to plan out what you want catered and how. Depending on the event, whether it is formal or informal, whether there is going to be on-site caterers or drop-off catering, are all things that should be considered. You should also think of dessert, and a perfect way to provide it is to shop Shari’s Berries for delicious food trays and chocolate dipped fruits. Then perhaps some follow-up snacks and coffee and / or tea for guests that are sticking around after the main event has finished up. Properly feeding a group of people is the perfect way to keep lure them out to your event, keep them engaged and entertained, and perhaps achieving your goals and objectives that you set out to accomplish. The most important part of the entire event is to properly plan, entertain, and do it all at an affordable price without sacrificing service or quality.