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Oct 30

Make Some Wonderful Body Washes At Home

Having a perfect relaxing bath can make one feel refreshed and keep them energised for the rest of the day. So the body wash they pick has to be good enough. One can use verbena body wash to have a wonderful bath experience or else one can also make their own body wash at home. …

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Oct 25

Facts About Abnormal Pap Smear During The Tenure Of Pregnancy

As a woman of child bearing age you are asked to be part of Pap smear tests, when you touch around 21 years of age or within 3 years of becoming sexually active. Just be aware that pap tests cannot be termed as diagnostic tests, but any abnormal cells in the cervix are found. Now …

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Apr 04

Points to consider during the stages of pregnancy

The first question that pops up in your mind is that what heartburn actually is? More than 50% of the pregnant women complain about heartburns. It is a condition in which a woman feels a burning or irritating sensation in her esophagus, which is probably due to the contents of the stomach that comes back …

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Apr 02

Top health benefits of Indian spices

India is known for its diversity like diversity in weather, food etc. The taste of Indian food depends upon the place you reside or visit. But the best part is the health benefits offered by the food and nevertheless its delicious taste due to the variety of spices used in their preparation. Indian women find …

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